Introducing the First Scientifically Proven Supplement for Floaters

vitamins for eye floaters

Nearly everyone will be affected by eye floaters at some time in their life, and doctors haven’t been able to offer a suitable treatment to manage this bothersome condition – until now.

The same trusted experts that developed MacuHealth formulated VitreousHealth, a safe and innovative solution
scientifically proven to significantly reduce floaters, enhance visual function and improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Based on the groundbreaking double-blind, placebo-controlled Floater Intervention Study (FLIES), nearly 67 percent of patients recognized an improvement in their symptoms within six months. Scientists also reported an improvement in the patient’s vitreous opacity.

vitamins for eye floaters
vitamins for eye floaters

70% decrease in size

Vitreous opacity area reduced with supplementation

(Active group average decrease of 22%)1


Placebo Group

vitamins for eye floaters

52% increase in size

Vitreous opacity increased with no intervention 

(Placebo group average increase of 24%)

Simply put, VitreousHealth offers patients a natural and effective option to reduce the symptoms of floaters.


How it works:


vitamins for eye floaters

67% of patients recognized improvements
in their symptoms within six months.

Say Goodbye to Annoying Eye Floaters

Research shows that the vitreous, the clear gel-like area in the eye between the lens and the retina, becomes deficient in
specific antioxidants, causing the collagen fibers inside it to clump together. These clumps, called floaters, cast shadows on the retina.

VitreousHealth’s patented blend of nutrients, based on the formulation used in the ground-breaking double-blind, placebo-controlled Floater Intervention Study (FLIES), gives the vitreous what it needs to reduce the severity of floaters.

Healthy Vitreous

Loosely spaced network of collagen fibers provides wide spaces for hyaluronic acid to fill.  These components function together to maintain the structure of the vitreous.

vitamins for eye floaters

Vitreous Degeneration & Collagen Clumping

Over time, the collagen fibers in the vitreous clump together, reducing the space for hyaluronic acid to fill in, resulting in floaters.

vitamins for eye floaters

After 6 Months on VitreousHealth®

Floaters and clumping are significantly reduced. Patients experienced improvements in visual comfort and performance.

vitamins for eye floaters

VitreousHealth's formulation is proven to deliver: