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MacuHealth and Clarion Medical Technologies Inc. Partner to Revolutionize Ocular Supplement Distribution in Canada

MacuHealth and Clarion Medical Technology Inc. Partner to Revolutionize Ocular Supplement Distribution in Canada.
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MacuHealth Donates $15,000 to the Vision Source Foundation

MacuHealth, a leader in the field of innovative eye supplements is proud to announce a donation of $15,000 to the Vision Source Foundation.
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The Best Foods for Eye Health

If you want to boost your eye health and visual performance, you might want to consider including these foods in your diet.
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Eye to Brain Connection: Why Eye Health Can Affect Cognition

Curious about the eye to brain connection? Discover how the brain and eyes work together and why eye health protection is vital.
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What It Means to be Supplement Certified

What does it mean to have the Supplement Certified logo on your supplement label? It means companies are giving consumers what they promise.
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Five Reasons Your Practice Will Benefit from Measuring Carotenoid Levels with LifeMeter

Do you want to know some ways your practice (and patients) can benefit from measuring carotenoid levels with LifeMeter?
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Enhance Your Health with LifeMeter

Would you increase your antioxidant intake if you knew how many were in your diet? LifeMeter measures how many carotenoids are in your skin.
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What to Look for In Your Fish Oil Supplement

Why do you need a high-quality fish oil supplement to improve their quality of life? Dive in to get the details.
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Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration? These Visual Aids Can Help

Researching vision aids for macular degeneration? MacuHealth examines the benefits and uses of aids for low-vision macular degeneration.
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